October 6, 2018

Foster our spirit of community, celebrate local musicians, and connect with our unique artists and neighbors.


About PorchFest

Yellow Springs PorchFest is a free, neighbor-driven day celebrating music and community. It's from noon to 7pm on Saturday, October 6, 2018. During this time, local musicians will play on the porches, front yards, and patios of homes and businesses within about a half mile radius of downtown Yellow Springs. A map with porches and performers will be available, and neighbors are encouraged to walk or bike around the village.

Who's this for? Everyone! PorchFest is a family-friendly event featuring musicians from a wide variety of genres.

Need more information or have a question? Please reach out to us at ysporchfest@gmail.com - and check back soon for more updates!


Want to help?


Support local music

donate online or the day of the event.

minus minimal operating costs, All proceeds go to the musicians ♪


This event is locally-grown for community & performers and not for profit.
A big thank you to the Yellow Springs PorchFest sponsors for supporting local musicians and helping make this day happen! 

To learn more about how you can be a business sponsor, please visit our Business Sponsorship page.