How can I get involved?

We hope our community feels empowered to get involved however they see fit, and we'd love for this event to be as self-sustaining as possible. That can mean a lot of things, so here are just a few ideas: host local musicians on your porch or front yard, spread the word and encourage your neighbors to come out and enjoy the day with you, put out a couple lawn chairs if you have 'em, or reach out to the local musicians and see if they could use any help. Have something special in mind? Let us know by emailing us at


What does the porch owner need to provide? 

Anything additional you'd like to provide at your home is great but nothing is required. We're encouraging people attending to bring their own beverages and chairs. Each performer is responsible for providing and setting up their own equipment, but any help is appreciated. 


All those bands... What about the noise?

We are going to do our best to coordinate the flow of music, and are asking musicians to be vigilant about volume. Musicians are responsible for gauging the space between porches and adjusting their volumes for that.


Will all musicians be local?

Our focus is on local musicians, and we are asking that musicians are from or involved in the Yellow Springs community. 


How would musicians be paid?

Each venue will have a tip jar set up and any tips received during each performance will go directly to those musicians. Sponsorship money and other donations (day-of and beforehand) will also go towards paying musicians after the event costs are covered.


Where does the sponsorship money go?

Any money that we receive first goes to pay our minimal operating expenses (advertising via YS News, any printing costs, website hosting, YS Credit Union costs, and any port-a-potties), and the other money goes directly to the bands and musicians playing YS Porchfest.


Is there a local organization sponsoring this?

Porchfest was born out of a Village of Yellow Springs' Art & Culture Commission meeting. We have met with members of YS Village Council and have partnered with The Yellow Springs Community Foundation and the YS Chamber of Commerce. All groups have been super supportive and encouraging.

"The Yellow Springs Chamber is so pleased to welcome YS PorchFest as a new event highlighting local musicians and strengthening community connections…another event to shine a bright light on Yellow Springs as an arts community."